Tere AS

Tere AS is a modern sales and production company with a wide but efficient product portfolio, having developed from a dairy processor into a well-organised innovative company.
The main business of Tere AS is the purchasing of crude milk, and the production and sale of dairy products.

The production units of Tere are located in Viljandi and Põlva. Meieri Transport is a subsidiary of Tere. The company employs more than 420 people.

We highly value domestic crude milk and traditions, at the same time being innovative and open to new directions. Knowing the expectations of consumers, we use new technologies and develop healthy products, offering vitality and satisfaction to people of all ages.

The mission of Tere

The mission of Tere AS is to offer products and services complying with the needs or the consumer via innovative and healthy products, and develop the awareness of the consumers.


The product list of Tere includes more than 150 high-quality products. Our most well-known trademarks are Tere, Natural, Hellus, Haps, Merevaik, Emma, Kohuke and Mumuu.

The production of all our products is in compliance with national legislation, the ISO 22000:2005 standard and the requirements of good production practice.

Tere’s trademark

Tere’s trademark was established more than ten years ago – in 1996. Tere was the first dairy trademark of the new era. Today, it is the most well-known and preferred dairy trademark in Estonia. On 19 June 2006, the legal name of the company was changed from Tallinna Piimatööstus to Tere AS according to this well-known trademark.


Board members            Katre Kõvask, Valdis Noppel