MEREVAIK – Estonia’s best-selling cream cheese with a long heritage!

The Merevaik target group includes the young and the old, women and men, the little and the big who appreciate a long heritage, the taste of authentic and special cream cheese and put their time at a premium, as Merevaik is easy and quick to use when making various dishes: spread it on bread, instead of butter, or use it in pasta dishes, in mile-high sandwiches, gravies, and cakes. Merevaik is synonymous with cream cheeses that have been in production for over 50 years – it is the best loved and best-selling cream cheese. Its advantage over other cheeses is its relatively low fat content: 18.5% vs. 40% to 60% in regular cheeses. The product contains no preservatives. In addition to the plain flavour variety, the Merevaik family of products also includes blue cheese, chanterelle, roast chicken, shrimp, chives and salmon flavours.



Smoked Cheese