Kohuke Classic mansikkarahkavälipala 17,5%

Kohuke Classic mansikkarahkavälipala 17,5%
flow pack 43 g

Ravintosisältö (100 g):

  • energia 3338 kcal
  • rasvat 18 g
  • hiilihydraatit 30 g
  • sokerit 28 g
  • proteiinit 13 g
  • suola 0,09 g

Koostumustiedot (43 g):


  • energia 146 kcal 7%
  • rasvat 7,9 g 11%
  • sokerit 12 g 14%
  • suola 0,04 g 1%




Protecting the environment is important now, but it will become more important for the future generations. We behave responsibly towards our clients, consumers as well as the environment. That is why we consider the proportion of green energy used in our production to be increasingly important. 30% of the energy used for the production of Tere products comes from renewable energy sources. Our partner in electricity market is Elektrum.

Transport boxes

This product is being transported in carton boxes. In the home market we transport 90% of our products in re-usable plastic cases.


We work daily towards more efficent logistics solutions, be it either in collection of raw milk or transport of finished goods. Tere does not transport goods which trasport costs make up more more than 10% of cost of the goods.