Tere AS is a modern sales and production company with a wide but efficient product portfolio, which has clearly differentiated itself from the image of only a dairy factory.

The goal of Tere AS is to offer products and services complying with the needs of the consumer, and to develop the awareness of consumers via innovative and healthy products.

The core values of Tere AS are:

Innovative nature

We are curious and open to changes; knowing the expectations of the consumer, we develop and use new technologies, are entrepreneurial, bold and active, and establish innovative solutions.


We are dedicated to achieving great results; we believe in ourselves and are sustainable.

Systematic approach

We look at integrity in the long term, make the right decisions and implement them.


We are professional and trustworthy for our consumers, clients, partners, team members and society; we fulfil our promises and we are uncompromising in questions of quality.

With its high-quality and healthy food, Tere AS provides vitality and satisfaction for people of all ages.

Tere AS highly values domestic raw material.

The high-quality products that are produced according to the requirements of national legislation, the ISO 22000:2005 standard, and good production practice are marketed under the trademarks Tere, Natural, Hellus, Mumuu, Emma, Meloodia, Merevaik and Kohuke.

The means for implementing the strategic goals of Tere AS is the quality policy that is reviewed by the top management of the company at least once per year and that is the responsibility of all employees of the company to implement.

  • TERE AS MAIN OFFICE Lelle 22, Tallinn 11317   Phone: +372 636 4113  E-mail: tere@tere.eu